Newsletter 13/5/20

Even though the UK has been in lockdown we have been busy improving our services ready for when we re-open. We would like to congratulate all our team for passing a variety of courses that we believe will help to improve our services to you, such as Preventing Covid-19, Time management training and Infection prevention and control. Bethany has been busy reviewing the business as a whole and has some exciting new changes to improve Country Cleaners for both staff and customers. We have been so grateful for your support throughout these difficult times and are very much looking forward to cleaning for you all soon. 

We would like to assure all our clients that we are taking the Covid-19 outbreak extremely seriously. We are taking every precaution we can to protect both staff and clients. If there’s ever a time to keep your home and offices sterile it’s now. Here are a few steps we are taking in the battle against Covid-19:

⚠️  All employees are to follow the government issued guidelines on correct handwashing on a frequent basis. Employees will put on gloves, apron, shoe covers and a mask upon entering your premises and will dispose of these upon leaving your premises.

⚠️  If we are providing the cleaning products and equipment we will use (as always) a clean mop head and cloths to avoid cross-contamination. These are boiled washed and disinfected at the end of each day. Both our kitchen and bathroom cleaners are an antibacterial disinfectant cleaner.

⚠️  Staff have been informed to disinfect high traffic areas such as bannisters, taps, light switches, door handles etc.

⚠️  We’re asking staff to keep a minimum 2m distance from clients that are in during their clean.

⚠️  Staff are aware to avoid touching their face, eyes and mouth during cleaning appointments.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to me further please call 01404 892718. Thank you all for your continued support during these uncertain times.

Please Support us during these difficult times, we would be grateful if you could leave us a review on our Google or Facebook page. Thank you all for your continued support

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