Cleaning FAQ

Q-For regular cleaning will I have the same staff upon rotation?

Q-Do you bring your own cleaning products and equipment?

Q-Are all staff DBS checked?

Q-Are you insured?
A-Yes we hold both public liability insurance and employers liability insurance.

Q-Do you have a minimum amount of hours of booking for cleaning?
A-Yes, our minimum booking is 2 hours of cleaning.

Q-I won’t be home when my cleaner arrives can you hold a key?

Q-What happens to my personal details?
A-Please refer to our privacy policy .

Q-Do you employ cleaners from an agency?
A-No, all our staff are fully employed by us.

Q-How do I get a quotation for a cleaning service?
A-Please contact us.

Q-How do I pay?
A-Bacs, bank transfer or standing order.

Q-What is your cancellation policy?
A-48 hours notice.

Q-Do your staff receive training?

Q-What if my area is not listed as an area you serve?
A-Please contact us to see if we are able to travel to your area.

Q-Are there items you won’t move to clean under or behind?
A-We will only move furniture that is safely and easily movable by one person. If you require furniture to be moved please contact us.

Carpet Cleaning FAQ

Q-When booking in for manned carpet cleaning, do we need to remove furniture out of the rooms being carpet cleaned?
A- Yes. We will lift and move any small and light furniture but if you need any heavy or large furniture moving you will need to organise to have this moved before we arrive.

Q- Where do you deliver your carpet machine hires?
A- Honiton, Dunkeswell, Sidmouth, Ottery St Mary, Cullompton and villages in between.

Q- Are your machines easy to use?
A- Yes. Our machines are easy to use. If your machine sprays you have put the machine together properly. If it doesn’t spray this is usually because the floor head hasn’t been lined up and clipped into the pole properly. Our delivery and collection team always put the machine together for you upon delivery.

Q- How far will the free litre of carpet shampoo go?
A- This all depends on how much solution you use per room. 1 Litre of carpet cleaning shampoo should be enough to clean 5-6 average sized rooms once.

Q- Do your machines arrive dirty from the last hire?
A- No. Our carpet machines are always cleaned between every hire.

Q- Should I use boiling water?
A- No, You should only use warm water.

Q- How long does it take for the carpets to dry?
A- Drying time depends on how thoroughly you vacuum your carpets dry. It can also depend on how warm your property is. We would always recommend allowing 4 hours for the carpets to dry.

Q- Are the machines heavy?
A- The machines will be heavy once you fill the solution tank. It is always best to carefully carry the machine upstairs before filling up the solution tank.

While we have answered the most common questions we are asked, you may have further questions and didn’t find the answer here. If that is the case then please use the contact form below and we will be happy to answer any queries you may have.

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