Hi, I’m Bethany, creator of Country Cleaners. I have owned Country Cleaners since its creation in 2017. Below you will find copies of our newsletters that will keep you up to date with the goings on of the business as well as any relevant information shared in our newsletters.

Newsletter 23/8/22

Have you seen our new eco-friendly cleaning tips and tricks blog? Head to our tips and tricks page to read more! Did you know we offer products including Tefal non-stick oven Liners, Holiday let welcome packs, camper van and caravan washing up packs, tea towels and more? We can add toilet roll stickers to our…

Newsletter 13/5/20

Even though the UK has been in lockdown we have been busy improving our services ready for when we re-open. We would like to congratulate all our team for passing a variety of courses that we believe will help to improve our services to you, such as Preventing Covid-19, Time management training and Infection prevention…

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